I’m Having a BlogParty, Wanna Come?

Attention all bloggers,

Will you help me celebrate a friends acceptance into college tonight!? Yes tonight!!!!!!! She is a fellow blogger, Amanda infinitehipsterblogger.wordpress.com)

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You are all invited to this BlogParty! So join on in and have some fun!!!! I would like to get this thing going ASAP! . . . you can invite friends too, the more the merrier!

If you want to join I will be posting more on my blog. So look forward to seeing BlogParty Post #1, #2, #3, and #4.

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November Writes: (Letter to Reality)

Dear Reality,

Can I just ask you one thing? Do you always have to be so, upfront. I mean we really can take it down a notch.The skepticism that lingers makes me worry. Worry to the point of comparing present reality to past reality which is never really good. Reality can you just put a blindfold over my eyes and lead me through all the bad, and into a whole lotta good? That would be too easy for life, but reality, I would be okay with that.

I love love. I love loving. I just love everything about love. Okay like the cute fights, the cuddling, togetherness and so on. but not so much the negative things. Like my gut instinct or thoughts floating away in my brain. The reality from the past, or the possibilities in the now. But I still love, love.

On the other hand reality. You have blessed me, and so I thank you! I thank you so much and hope that you bring me more reality. Make me smile, jump with joy, make me scared but safe. Make me wonder, but know. But most of all reality make me okay.



Letter to Random

Dear Mr. Random,

After my day of working a split shift is over, I would like to have been able to go to sleep. Just sleep.

But what fun is that? Mr. Random,

Newest neighbors dogs barked from the A.M to the A.M literally!

Forget about sleep, Mr. Random.

But what is it that I love about you, Mr. Random?

Time, Randomness, and Memories.

Because on this night at approximately 11:45 P.M.

I tell my Mr. Random I am hot, and I cannot sleep.

So what does my Mr. Random ask?

“Wanna go to Sonic?” of course I said yes!

So Mr. Random, that was a memory made.

Then my Mr. Random amped up his game…

“Wanna go to the Tattoo Parlor”…

“of course I said yes!!

My Mr. Random took me to the Tattoo Parlor and guess what?

I now have an appointment for Thursday at 6 p.m!

Thank you Mr. Random for yet another fantastic memory with you!

Thank you Mr. Random for checking tattoo of my bucket list.

Please, my Mr. Random, never stop doing what you do to me!

Surprising me, loving me, being completely crazy with me.

I am in love with you Mr. Random!

Your soon to be Rose tattooed,


When you feel just so so…

When you feel just so so…
Just meh, just eh,
I hope that you know though
That when you feel just so, so…
You can talk to me.

You may not know why though,
Why you feel just so so…
Just meh, just eh,
I hope that you know though,
That when you feel just so so,
And you do not know why…
It is okay, you can still talk to me.

And if you do not want to just talk to me?,
That is okay too,
I am still here for you,
Go talk to him, or go talk to her,
They will listen,
I know they will.
They will listen to you.

And if you do not believe that,
Then try to believe i do.
I believe in you.
I care about you,
I am here for you,
Because I LOVE YOU!

So stranger who feels just so so,
And who may not know why though?
Do not make this your end,
This is not your end!




Just Thank You

Dear bloggers,

Tonight I have decided to put my thankfulness into a poem so that tomorrow I can start writing letters to (I have no clue) someone, something, to nothing maybe? But I have a plan and that has to be something right? Well, here is my very thankful poem.

Thinking of Thanks


it is here.

Thanksgiving and holiday cheer.

Thank you’s,

in letters,

and wrapped in bows.

So here are the things I just thought you should know.

I am very Thankful for this day, and for this night.

For my lungs and this air, and the air in my lungs.

For my family by blood, and family by love.

For the family I am working on, and dreaming of.

I am thankful for my few close friends, because I know you will be here

until the end.

Thank you workplace for opportunities and joys,

for teachings of new things, better things, and older ways.

Thank you for the paycheck which puts food on our plates, gas in my car,

and a roof over our head.

November has come in silently, calmly, refreshingly.

Thank you God for such a beautiful scenery. You are the true

Master of arts, what is your secret?

Thank you for my heart which can hold and give much love!

Without my heart I would have no feelings.

Without the love of my life I would not know true love.

Thank you for my first in lots of things

For true loves first kiss, and true loves heartbreak.

The make ups, the breakups, the tears of all sorts.

But most of all the promise that you will be here until the end.

My love thank you for showing me a passion my heart would have otherwise never have known.

Thank you because you made me stronger, I have grown!

For everything else, and in between,

Thank you a million and a half times more plus an extra twenty-three!

Hey guess what?

It is November,

yep once again!

It is that time to be thankful.

and I am thankful for YOU my friend…

Okay bloggers I know that was long, but once my brain starts going it is hard to get it to stop. Hopefully you enjoyed it, and if you read it all the way through, Thank you!

So long bloggers and I hope you all have a wonderful night!!! I will be writing a letter tomorrow. I do not yet know what about. But I will be.

See you later,


The Power of Love vs. Alzheimer’s

Dear Bloggers,

Today I write about love and Alzheimer’s. What sparked the idea was a movie called “Still Alice”. It is about a lady who develops a very rare form of the Alzheimer’s disease and catches it in its early stages. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s and it takes a big toll on everyone’s life and not just the person with this terrible disease.

There were several teary eyed moments in this movie as I was connecting myself with this movie. A time in the movie when Alice began forgetting certain scheduled events throughout her day, or names, or words even. My Grandma developed Alzheimer’s at a later age. Actually just a few years before she passed, and the effects of Alzheimer’s shown in the movie were quite similar to what my Grandma had experienced.

After losing track of small memories like words, names, and scheduled events Alice would begin to lose track of where she was. She would get lost in her own home. The first time she got lost in her home, she could not find the bathroom. She simply could not remember where it was. In fact her husband had to escort her to where she needed to go. She eventually had to keep a log of questions to help her remember things. For example she would type the question, “What is my daughter’s name?” , and she would answer “Anna”. She would do this with various questions for the memories she did not want to forget, and she would do this until she could no longer answer the questions.

Luckily my Grandma never got lost in her own home. She would lose track of her items quite often she would want to make a sandwich and by the time she made it to the kitchen, forget why she went to the kitchen. The thing about love though. You very seldom forget the people you truly love. If you think about it. A mother with Alzheimer’s may forget her children’s names in the later stages as the disease continues to develop. But she will almost always remember her lover, or husband. Something that I noticed in the movie and with my Grandma as well.

Now my Grandma did not have a husband to stand by her side to the very end. I mean he was there mentally, spiritually, not physically. My grandpa passed when I was one year old. But my Grandma never forgot my name. She remembered me up until her final day. She would sometimes confuse me my name with my cousin’s. But it was okay because I understood. She always remembered her kids names. Always. She loved them to pieces! Although she would forget why she was in the nursing home or what she was sick with (she also had cancer). No matter what, she would always ask me about her kids, how they were doing; and she just never forgot their names. Which is amazing to me. I was so thankful for that, because it made it easier to take care of her, she was more comfortable and it was easier I think on all of us.

With Alice she was beginning to confuse her kids names, but she never forgot her husband. It makes sense though. Alice may have given birth to 3 kids in the movie and raised them until they were a certain age. So I would assume 18 to mid 20’s at the most. They move out, go to college, get jobs, start families of their own. They are not there every day. But her husband is. He wakes up with her every day, shares intimate moments with her, made memories in the past. He is the father to her kids. He is her soul mate. Some do forget their soul mate because of Alzheimer’s. But some remember and I think it is because the heart remembers that person. That person has a very special place in their heart. A piece of love that is so strong that even Alzheimer’s can not steal away. And that is the true Power of Love!

I hope that when I get old or before my mother gets old that there is a cure for Alzheimers because I know for a fact that I do not want anyone else or my mother going through such a thing. That to me is worse than any disease. To live your whole entire life, and make many memories, successes, attempts, and fails; and for what? To forget it all and everyone in the end? That is not fair, not right, not life, not normal. To me that is worse than death. The idea of being alone in the middle of a room full of people that you once knew, and loved, but can no longer remember. Not even a memory of yourself. That is sad.

And if Alzheimer’s strikes my family (mom, dad, my brother, me, etc…) I hope we never forget the one person we truly love. Just one person. Of course life does not give us much choice, hopefully we do not forget to love ourselves enough to not give up. That tomorrow will somehow be better than yesterday. That there is hope, and that Alzheimer’s can someday be equal to the flu or the common cold. Where a complete memory loss of all people and things in our personal lives can too be just a memory, a thing in the past.

For any of you readers dealing with Alzheimer’s in any way I hope that you or your family can find your peace with it because do remember this. Alzheimer’s is a disease, and that disease is not you! It is what you have, but it is not you! So stay strong, and love like hell to fight like hell. In the end you have each other and that is really the only way to beat this disease in the year 2015.



Money Matters

Good afternoon readers,

Today I thought I would write about life, love, and money. I am going to get straight to the point, I hate money; always have always will. It is the one green thing that you can not physically make on your own legally; although it can get you nice things, it can sometimes cause people to act differently. Greedy if you will. I can not tell you how much I had wished for money to go away and people just care for one another out of the kindness of their hearts. As I got older of coarse I started to realize just how much that was impossible on all aspects of life.

Then I was old enough to have my first job, and well when you earn something it makes you even more happier with what you have than you did before. So with that said, you can say that money and I have started to see eye to eye. It got me gas and snacks for the house/ or food. (since I was living with my parents at the time). Then I started to realize that, even though I was making it, it was not sufficient enough.

Now that I am older, (obviously because I sure am not getting any younger) money really matters a lot to me. We get along better. Mostly because I am out on my own growing with my family. FAMILY, is the reason money matters. GOALS is the reason why I care even more about it. Have you ever heard it said from a father to his son, “son a man has to work hard to provide for his family, make sure you keep a roof over your head and food on the table”? Well same concept only both women and men in most of our society have to live by this rule of thumb. Especially in our household.

For me money means food on the table, roof over our heads, nice things, and a nice five minute drive to work everyday. But to me it also means room for growing. The more money you have the more your family can grow, the less money there is greater limitations.

For instance we have outgrown our house. We need a new one. One to grow and raise a family in. However we have to look at what it would take to get there. Like finding myself a new job. One that is full time, higher pay, benefits. See? Money matters. What you can and can not have depends on how much money you have. I love my family, and I would do anything for them. If that means going 30 minutes away to work 8 hours a day to make our dreams come true, then by all means. I want to work with what I’ve got to make things happen.

Money is going to help make things happen for my family and I. That is all their is to it. Good things going for us, I have good vibes.

I hope you all find peace with money. Never be greedy, always be thankful, and plan for the future because chances are it could not happen without a great deal of effort and a little extra money.

Have a great night,