Adios November, Hello December

Dear Bloggers,

So it has been a short little while since I have posted anything. Everything is A-Okay here on every end and every level of my life currently. So I have worked at Romancing the Stone a.k.a Earthbound Trading Company for a few days now and I am loving it. I have missed it oh so much. This time I can see a few opportunities heading my way to possibly work there and stay as an associate! I would definitely have to put some thought into it, because I still do love Gambinos very much I could not just up and go. Decisions, Decisions. But the opportunity is still a little shady though. so…

On the other hand the weather has been nice. Just rainy which I am totally and absolutely 100% fine with. Snow and ice is a very different story for me. Yes pretty, but no, not so much to drive in.

Oh and Christmas trees. Random spot in the blog to bring up, but yes. I love Christmas trees, and I have not decorated one for about three years now. So I am making it a plan to have one up year round in my future house. (It can be décor for each season) They are just too pretty to put away, and so mesmerizing during the Christmas season!

Anyways, happy holidays to you all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe one at that!



Update: Bloggers

Dear fellow bloggers,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you! You are all having such a huge impact on my life, especially a pic few of you. My new best friend and practically soul-sister Amanda whom I can exchange my words with and trust, and then blogger Joss H. for her friendliness and compassion. Each have amazing blogs as well. Please visit their sites, it will be well worth your time! I promise!

Joss H. –

Amanda –

On the other hand, things are back on the uphill slope as they were before. Just I think I did not see that or I hit a minor bump in the road. So as they are going uphill I think I am going to take it easy still on the blogging. But I promise I will be back in not time at all!

So I do have a funny story to share with you all. This just happened the other day.

I was just in the store the other day buying food for dinner when I decided to buy myself some undergarments (typical bra and panties). Well I usually try to find a lady checker so that the men are not so embarrassed, or whatever. Well my stuff was on the checkout stand, and their was a lady in front of us. When a man about my age (19, 20’s) and staring at his stuff for a while. Realizing their was now room on the conveyer belt to put his items. Then realizing my lady undergarments. His face went from his (caucasi0n) skin color to beat red in the matter of seconds. I could not help but laugh. No not to myself, out loud. It was the funniest thing ever. Like hello, I am sure you were going to see that at some point in time! He really thought about going to another checkout line. I mean he had his hands on his items ready to go, but he quickly rethought as our line was the shortest in the entire store!!!!! Oh the joys of being a woman!

You all have a wonderful day, and a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!!!



November Writes: (Letter to Reality)

Dear Reality,

Can I just ask you one thing? Do you always have to be so, upfront. I mean we really can take it down a notch.The skepticism that lingers makes me worry. Worry to the point of comparing present reality to past reality which is never really good. Reality can you just put a blindfold over my eyes and lead me through all the bad, and into a whole lotta good? That would be too easy for life, but reality, I would be okay with that.

I love love. I love loving. I just love everything about love. Okay like the cute fights, the cuddling, togetherness and so on. but not so much the negative things. Like my gut instinct or thoughts floating away in my brain. The reality from the past, or the possibilities in the now. But I still love, love.

On the other hand reality. You have blessed me, and so I thank you! I thank you so much and hope that you bring me more reality. Make me smile, jump with joy, make me scared but safe. Make me wonder, but know. But most of all reality make me okay.



Letter to Random

Dear Mr. Random,

After my day of working a split shift is over, I would like to have been able to go to sleep. Just sleep.

But what fun is that? Mr. Random,

Newest neighbors dogs barked from the A.M to the A.M literally!

Forget about sleep, Mr. Random.

But what is it that I love about you, Mr. Random?

Time, Randomness, and Memories.

Because on this night at approximately 11:45 P.M.

I tell my Mr. Random I am hot, and I cannot sleep.

So what does my Mr. Random ask?

“Wanna go to Sonic?” of course I said yes!

So Mr. Random, that was a memory made.

Then my Mr. Random amped up his game…

“Wanna go to the Tattoo Parlor”…

“of course I said yes!!

My Mr. Random took me to the Tattoo Parlor and guess what?

I now have an appointment for Thursday at 6 p.m!

Thank you Mr. Random for yet another fantastic memory with you!

Thank you Mr. Random for checking tattoo of my bucket list.

Please, my Mr. Random, never stop doing what you do to me!

Surprising me, loving me, being completely crazy with me.

I am in love with you Mr. Random!

Your soon to be Rose tattooed,


Think Positive October: (Day 31)

Dear bloggers,

It is the final day of the Think Positive October Challenge!!!! I am so excited. The positive thing about today is that it is Halloween! Tonight I plan on happily scrolling through Facebook looking at everyone’s posts of their costumes and party’s and kids all dressed up! I really only like this day for it’s creativeness! Can you believe tomorrow is the start of November! And Christmas is less than 8 weeks away? Crazy!!!!

So today I ran out of cold medicine, do not worry I bought more! (chuckling to myself). Tonight after work I plan on seeing a friend and going to McDonald’s for a pumpkin spice latte. Then going home, bathing, and watching t.v or play some games. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, then I am going to have the day off on Monday! So here is to October 31st. My first Halloween ever of not passing out candy to trick or treaters, working, and getting over a cold!!!!

So I am looking forward to getting off work tonight and relaxing with my hott babe!!!!!

I hope that each and every one of you have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!



Think Positive October: (Day 29 & 30)

Day 30:
So on this day in October I had a very busty one. At work we had a $650 lunch. It was crazy! If you do not know what that means, it means we unexpectedly sold $650 worth of pizza. Mostly on a buffet, and our usual lunch is about $360, and that is all in two hours time. That is right!!! But my hubby and his boss came in to eat lunch. It is kind of funny getting to serve them two! It was nice having them come in actually. Then I went home and realized I had gotten a cold. So I went to my mommas house and got some meds and visited with her, my brother, and his kids. Then came home and took the meds which is the reason why I am playing catch up today on the blog. I fell asleep early last night. Feeling somewhat better today (day 30)! I already took the meds, and slept for an hour after. Positivity for Day 30: (making a surprise visit to your mommas is always a good thing. A mommas love is always the best medicine!)

Day 29:
“So today my fellow readers,
Is the eve of the end of Think Positive October. So I felt fireworks were necessary for numbering this day! The positivity in this day was getting to cuddle with my cat Shadow, then coming home to a hubby who was already off work and excited to see me! Then also having a boss who cares enough about your health to make you laugh all the way through work! Then another positivity thought for the day is getting to end it with cuddling my hubby. We also got another plug for the heater cord today so we have a nice cozy heater in our room which is nice on a 37 degree Fahrenheit day, and an even cooler night!

Oh and I will be bathing tonight just for the fact that I have a cold, so I do intend to stay in there for a very long time while watching Netflix I am sure.

Just curious, what do you do when you have a cold?

Stay warm,


Think Positive October: (Day 27)

Hello my friends,

So once again I am here to post a positive thought for the day. Now that I am in the final days of this challenge I can say that today among all others was good because I got to listen to my music and sing just as I have in the past. Especially when I was a little girl. It was a rainy day today and so the weather was cut out for it. Then dinner was great. I know that the positive thought for the day is that is was a “chill” day and that is more than okay with me! Hope you all are having a fair weather day, wherever you may be.



Think Positive October: (Day 26)

Dear readers,

Today made up for the past two by far. How is that possible? Well I got to hang out with my Mom after her mammogram today. We ate lunch at Del Rio, then we went to the mall and looked around, and went to Best Buy to look for Christmas presents for family. So just the fact that we both had the day off and got to hang out really just makes my day!!! So that was my day!!!! I hope all of you have been having a great month, and continue to have better days!

Thinking Positive,


Think Positive October: (Day 25)

Good evening,

Today was long, but this post will be short. My day was great overall. Very quiet though. So I must say I love my hubby’s son. He loves me. Last night we were all in bed and he wraps his arm around my neck, cuddling away. Then my hubby was half way laying on me. But I was comfortable for the most part because I was warm. Only parents can realize just how special these moments are. Then just before waking up my hubby’s son says “Meg, I love you. It is okay if you love me back.” Which I always tell him “I love you” because I do. He is my son too. Biology might not say so, and marriage papers may not say so either, however none of those things are what defy a mother. He is my stepson and he was the positivity in my day/ our day.

Then when we sent him back home with his mother he tells me again before he got out of the car, “Bye Megan I love you.” I did not even have to say it first. He did. This was a moment for me. A moment I will always remember and cherish in a very special place in my heart.

I hope that each and every one of you have a very great night with your families, and cherish every little moment!

Yours Truly,


Think Positive October: (Day 24)

Dear bloggers,

A much better day today than yesterday. Though I must say family almost always can do the trick! However I am still left with all my worries of yesterday! So I have to try and remember my challenge is of positivity, not venting! So yes I am sorry about yesterdays post, definitely not one of my best works.

Today I got the opportunity to eat a good home cooked breakfast with my brother, his son and daughter, and my parents! Mommas cooking is always the best. I got to visit with them and that was much needed. Then went to work, made the most of it. Then now I am home. Where I always like to be. I will say the sunset was most beautiful. I was lucky enough to steal a few pictures of it. So of course I will share them with you! Although no captured sunset is as captivating as when it is seen by our own two eyes!

wpid-wp-1445744911385.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744892899.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744964084.jpeg

It is so pretty isn’t it. I kid you not it went from a grey sky, to pink, to orange, to bright red! All in the matter of minutes. If I could relive that moment I would, only I would find a spot out in the middle of a field to watch the sunset and really enjoy it that time around!

Hope you all are having a good night!