Just Thank You

Dear bloggers,

Tonight I have decided to put my thankfulness into a poem so that tomorrow I can start writing letters to (I have no clue) someone, something, to nothing maybe? But I have a plan and that has to be something right? Well, here is my very thankful poem.

Thinking of Thanks


it is here.

Thanksgiving and holiday cheer.

Thank you’s,

in letters,

and wrapped in bows.

So here are the things I just thought you should know.

I am very Thankful for this day, and for this night.

For my lungs and this air, and the air in my lungs.

For my family by blood, and family by love.

For the family I am working on, and dreaming of.

I am thankful for my few close friends, because I know you will be here

until the end.

Thank you workplace for opportunities and joys,

for teachings of new things, better things, and older ways.

Thank you for the paycheck which puts food on our plates, gas in my car,

and a roof over our head.

November has come in silently, calmly, refreshingly.

Thank you God for such a beautiful scenery. You are the true

Master of arts, what is your secret?

Thank you for my heart which can hold and give much love!

Without my heart I would have no feelings.

Without the love of my life I would not know true love.

Thank you for my first in lots of things

For true loves first kiss, and true loves heartbreak.

The make ups, the breakups, the tears of all sorts.

But most of all the promise that you will be here until the end.

My love thank you for showing me a passion my heart would have otherwise never have known.

Thank you because you made me stronger, I have grown!

For everything else, and in between,

Thank you a million and a half times more plus an extra twenty-three!

Hey guess what?

It is November,

yep once again!

It is that time to be thankful.

and I am thankful for YOU my friend…

Okay bloggers I know that was long, but once my brain starts going it is hard to get it to stop. Hopefully you enjoyed it, and if you read it all the way through, Thank you!

So long bloggers and I hope you all have a wonderful night!!! I will be writing a letter tomorrow. I do not yet know what about. But I will be.

See you later,



Me oh my!

Shark week is close i feel it near.
My breasts are tender,
Chest and back and face,
They took a hit.
I followed the rules,
eat healthy no sweets…
Chocolate especially.
My hormones are raging.
Happy one moment, not the next.

Please someone rub my neck?

My feet hurt, even after hours of laying  down.
I am 19 not 93,
why is my back killing me?

My mood is a mess, the house is clean.
For once in my life,
I want an in between.

Why when it is quiet must I cry?
I have no reason…. Sigh
Tears they come and they go.
But me, only me knows.

Being a girl or a woman,
Yes it sucks.
Man I wish I had a couple more bucks.
I would go to the mall,
Try on every pair of shoe.
Then buy the prettiest,
most glamorous one of all,
And a matching outfit too.

Shit i am tired but i can not sleep.
If i get up i feel pissed,
Lay down,
cant sleep.

God mother nature,
Make history and swap.
Guys get shark week,
Girls can grab a mop?

God my voice is screaming,
Inside my head!!!

I am going outside now a wave of tears coming through.
I hope my poem can relate to some of you!

Yours truly pms-ing,


The Puppet and Puppeteer, 2015-14

The Puppet and Puppeteer, 2015-14

By: McCoy, Megan D.

               ” The heart beating in my chest, I can hear it now because its dead silent here. My brain no longer has any thoughts. My aches and pains settle in my chest where doubt, worry, and dissatisfaction have piled up. No longer are my dreams within reach. No longer is my happiness eternal. No longer am I a human, for I am a puppet.”

A room so silent as an audience awaits. A show unpracticed, seems to be quite the attraction. A puppet, a fool. An imaginative puppet I am so, to believe that anyone could ever believe in me to do the things I wanted to do. To do the things I once had aspired to do. Believers it seemed. A puppeteer, a fools master. Only to know one thing. To pull, to twist, to bend and to break a puppets soul, a puppets heart. A puppeteer, a false believer, a bad actress tries to make belief how much she believes in her puppet. A puppet, a fool only so naïve believes in such false acts. Builds up her confidence, and lifts her head up high. Runs after a drifting dream so ambitiously, only to be pulled back by her master.

The dream now gone, a puppet sinks low. Head down, arms to rest. A puppet, and puppeteer now settle. Curtains close, crowed cheers. Away goes the puppet and puppeteer.

Strings no longer, thoughts now ponder. Heart still beats, aches now weak. Dreams a shadow; happiness, a good thought. I am human dammit, I have a voice. A puppet no more, I walked out the door. Dreams still distant, but there is no resisting; my legs begin to run free, a smile forms upon my face. For once in my life the hands that hold the dreams and happiness are mine!

Happiness like a drug, relieving the aches as strings pull. Smiling again, laughing again. Seeing a future-again. Feeling the beat of my heart, not strings tugging at it. Happiness. Freeness.

Life. Once a puppet now a puppeteer. I am in control. I choose to be happy. Not sad, not puppet like. So now I play to the beat of my own drum. Words, in my head are happy. Thoughts.

My love. I met a love. That’s when I left my puppeteer. Love. Happy love, saved me from my puppeteer. Faith, hope, future, us together forever. Happy thoughts they were. One end faithfulness failed, on the other end too soft spoken. Too nice. Too caring. Love never faded. Love still overflows. Happy thoughts, no more. That drug thing, happiness. Gone.

Heartstrings pulling, tugging. Tug, Tug, Tug. Tears streaming down my face. Heart beat stops, oh the pain. The strings, too much. Love hurt me. Love. Love? Happiness, I thought I knew. Forever, I thought was true. Us, never happened. Together, never more. Future, was a very distant dream. Faith was broken, my heart shattered. Hope, all is lost. I am a puppet again. I always have been.

Love was never true. Do this, do that. Love was never meant. Words never true. False words like a waterfall, from your mouth. Your eyes like a book, easy to read. The waterfall is heard, never seen. Happy thoughts were false, they were manmade. Happy thoughts never happened, they were the invisible string. Never in control was I. You were my new master. My new puppeteer.  Always a puppet was I, a fool. Yet to leave, yet to go. Your puppet still, what would you like me to do? There is a new crowd watching, cheering. Encore encore.