Life in a Nutshell

Dear readers,

It has been way too long since I last posted! It feels great to be back. So much to spill here, so much to tell you. 

So I am a single lady now. Yes it has its ups and downs, but it has been a blast so far learning about myself and about life along the way. 

So for starters I broke it off. A person can only take so much before they come to a breaking point and wake up and realize what they truly want and deserve. And this was just not doing it for me. It was quite the ugly break up, but thank God for true friends and family!!

I did not move in with my parents I was bound determined to find a place of my own. So now I am renting my own apartment in this little town I moved to because of the relationship in the first place. 

Why didn’t I move back to my hometown? Because I built my life here. Made friends and family of my own. And why leave? Don’t I deserve to stay where I became independent, and found myself more responsible and happy? I think so. 

I am now an assistant manager of the convenient store. And no longer working to jobs as of this Wednesday. Needless to say I am super excited about that because now I can actually make plans. 

I am still single. I have tried to talk with other men. But things just are not working out. I either find men who want just one thing, or guys who just want to be friends but don’t even talk. So it’s just a matter of staying true to myself and doing whatever makes me happy until the right person comes along and wants to be apart of my life as much as I would want to be apart of theirs. 

I found out just yesterday that I have a second cousin here in this small town which makes it feel more like home. 

And I have my hunger to travel yet again!! Mostly because I am slowly starting to see signs that this is something I need to do for myself. But mostly because I went to my uncle’s funeral yesterday, and come to find out he had a gypsy soul just like me. He traveled the entire country with his wife on a motorcycle in which they tugged along with them a little pop up camper. That’s amazing to me.

So I want to travel the world but I want to share that experience with someone. 🙂 So here I am little Missouri girl with tons of things in my agenda, one very big bucket list to fill, and tons of memories to make. But I am happy and so far doing very good on my own at my age of 20. Pretty much 100% independent and you know what?? I don’t know that I could really ask for too much more.