What should I expect?

Dear bloggers,

(cough, cough….. what I really mean to say is HEY BLOGGERS!!!! It has been a LONG time and lots has happened, and still happening. I hope you have all been well!!)

Okay so my hubby and I have been holding down the fort now for about two months on our own. (for those of you who don’t or didn’t know, his momma moved out on her own. so excited for her, and more excited for us) I have found a second job. Conveniently close to home, but TIME CONSUMING! Which don’t get me wrong, is a great thing! But I work odd hours so there are some days when I see my hubby for about 30 minutes, (not sarcastic one bit) a day!

But the money is nice and its a weekly paycheck. So less stress. 🙂

Now let’s be real. The real reason why I am typing today is because I am nervous out of my mind. Being a WOMAN is not fun at all, except for the shopping, the shoes, the cute clothes, the hair. . . (okay maybe a little fun)

But no seriously, having to go to the GYNO is not so fun, but I will give it this. The Pap is not that bad. Had my first one a couple of weeks ago and it is like okay. . . kinda awkward though when you don’t know what to do with the clothes and/or the convo’s you have with the lady looking at your Girl Town.

Well the doctors office called the other day saying that my Pap Test came back abnormal. This test was my first one ever. So this is scary for me. This whole thing. There are abnormal cells on my cervix. That’s all I know.

They want me to come back in 6 months (October 13th. lucky me, its not a Friday!), for  a follow up exam. Okay question: (is this just another Pap Test? or are they going to do other tests/procedures that same day? Will this effect my fertility or ability to conceive? Tell me everything I need to know because I am at my breaking point in wonder and worry, and its only about May!

I have already googled a lot of things, and watched YouTube vids. Which is why I have decided to come to you all.

(just a follow up on previous health posts, my cystic acne is just about cleared up! Yay!)

Anyways tell me your stories of the GYNO visits. Anything from humorous to helpful. How to prep for them and well ya know. . . just in general what do you do for these embarrassing things.




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