20 Reasons to Smile

Hello my dear friends,

So sorry for my last post. Oh how emotional I was that day. But this blog makes for great writing or a perfect place to vent and that is just what I needed. All is well if you were wondering, and I am still very infatuated with the love of my life. We are all allowed to be stressed or angry at times right? Anyways….

So tomorrow marks the day I turn the BIG 20!! Yep, that’s right. I will be 20 years old. It came by fast, and I do feel older. Not physically, but mentally and realistically. Like I am more responsible, mature, happy, and kinda like where I am at this point in my life. Time flies folks and that is no lie! My mother will be turning 55 soon, and my father he is 60!! 😮 yeah. I know. Right?

So today I just thought that I would post 20 reasons to smile. And then end it with a few goals for my 20’s.

I hope you found a reason to smile today!

1. Smile because you never know who is falling in love with it. (Hook, line, and sinker: just smile) it works: trust me 😉

2. Every day is a new day. Be grateful for that.

3. Smiling is healthy for you.

4. You are one step closer to somewhere you want to be or somewhere you have never been.

5. There is always at least one more book out there good enough for you or myself to read. You better believe it.

6. Problems can result in termination, but are never completely eternal. Only are they eternal, when one fails to seek the more positive side or find happiness of their own.

7. Happiness is never hard to find. All you have to do is choose to be happy.

8. Quilting is the most comfortable form of storytelling I know how to do.

9. Music can be the most beautiful way to connect with the people around you and even yourself.

10. Dancing is the most sensational and free form of storytelling. A language common and known around the world.

11. You are never alone. There is always someone to talk to. Even the stranger sitting next to you.

12. Ironically you can not trust anyone. Even I have learned I have had a hard time trusting myself. (Smile because you dont have to learn the hard way, I told you)

13. Girls will be daughters, mothers, bridesmaids, and wives. (and we all do this while ruling the world)

14. Boys will be sons, fathers, best men,  and husbands. (And they all do this while teaching our sons how to grow up to be men, and how to treat a lady)

15. Grandparents will always have the best advice, and we get to grow up to be like them and some of us even lucky enough to spoil the grandchildren.

16. The greatest ever tattoos are the ones on your face. When you grow old you will know why you have them and how they got there. The best one is called the parentheses. They are the lines formed when smiling. When they finally stick and form a wrinkle, you have a tattoo to show you have lived a happy life 😌 ❤😘

17. Each and every one of us  are given an opportunity. When those opportunities come knocking on our door, go for it. You would not want to find yourself the next moment wondering what could have been. Smile because that opportunity might come tomorrow. 🙂

18. Smile because Shirley Temple and Little Orphan Annie were the greatest ever childhood stars!!!! And remember 🎶 the sun will come out tomorrow…🎶

19. Love will always find a way. Single never really meant alone. And together never meant forever with the one you love, but rather with the ones you love

20. Wine, chocolate, and mommas homemade cooking solves every problem. But then there is always a good kiss and a hug from your favorite cuddle bug. (Smile because you know this one was cheesy) 😂

Goal for my 20’s:

Blog post once a week and host 3 challenges throughout the year.

-be healthier

-find a house to live in

-be happier

-Love my 20 year old self because 20 will not be around for long