BlogParty Post #4

20151215_195710.jpgOkie Dokie my friends,

this is the last post of the night. But it does not mean the party is over. Because it has just started. If tomorrow comes for you and you just so happened to scroll through my blog, feel free to join in on the party! It is never to late to join! Besides you will find me commenting anyways.

So a little shout out to two ladies tonight!

  1. for liking previous Party posts! She has a wonderful blog. Anyone reading this right now should check out her blog, it is worth your time! Trust me on this!
  2. Also a shout out to for being such a great friend and sister, as well as a blogger and just for being a great person. You are a really inspiring lady and I can not wait to see what life has in store for you. Congrats on your acceptance into Dutchess Community College girl! They will be very lucky to have you as their student!

So now the fun part! Remember those times when your parents would take you to the mall and you would walk into a candy store? What was your favorite thing about those times? Whether it be a favorite flavor, smell, a certain day you went!? What was it? Please inform me because I really would like to know!!! . . . and I am being dead serious!


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