BlogParty Post #2

20151215_195710.jpgHey again!,

So I need more participants for this BlogParty to be a blast! Remember it is not just your typical blog post, or read for that matter, we are doing this for Amanda so we can celebrate together on her Acceptance!

So with that said, time to move on to party fun!!

Short story time! Tell us of your single most memorable moment of your school days. I know mine!

“From 7th grade into my Freshman year of High school I would fall down the stairs at least once and sometimes twice. My freshman year, I was at fault for my very own googly eyes. Yes my dear friends, lets keep our eyes straight forward when going downstairs!”

There is my moment! What’s yours? Remember it can be funny!, embarrassing, sweet, sad, romantic etc…. make it your own, we want to hear all about it!


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