BlogParty Post #1

20151215_195710.jpgHey Bloggers,

So I am going to go ahead and start the PARTY!!!!!! Feel free to join in at any time within these BlogParty Postst!!!!

So to start off I would like to Congratulate Amanda on her great achievement on being accepted into Dutchess Community College!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Girl, You will do great and you will go very far in life because you, my friend, are a ROCKSTAR!!

Now to everyone else, including Amanda and myself, lets get this Party started and get on with the fun!

Anyone up for fun?! For those that are here we go!

Okay… I am going to do my best to make this like a game!

(Guess what?) : This game is like guess who. I will give 3 clues and you will attempt to guess what it is I am describing!

Your guesses should be submitted in the comments, and the first person to correctly guess will receive a “You’re right!” reply to their comment and get a shout out on my blog! We can each have a turn, or at least Amanda and Myself! (After my turn, we will proceed the game in the comments below)

Everyone Ready!? Okay here we go!

My clues:

1: I am traditional

2: Share a common ingredient when making cookies (hence you should never eat me raw)

3: You will most likely find me in a cup at a party đŸ˜‰

Good Luck Guessing?


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