BlogParty Post #4

20151215_195710.jpgOkie Dokie my friends,

this is the last post of the night. But it does not mean the party is over. Because it has just started. If tomorrow comes for you and you just so happened to scroll through my blog, feel free to join in on the party! It is never to late to join! Besides you will find me commenting anyways.

So a little shout out to two ladies tonight!

  1. for liking previous Party posts! She has a wonderful blog. Anyone reading this right now should check out her blog, it is worth your time! Trust me on this!
  2. Also a shout out to for being such a great friend and sister, as well as a blogger and just for being a great person. You are a really inspiring lady and I can not wait to see what life has in store for you. Congrats on your acceptance into Dutchess Community College girl! They will be very lucky to have you as their student!

So now the fun part! Remember those times when your parents would take you to the mall and you would walk into a candy store? What was your favorite thing about those times? Whether it be a favorite flavor, smell, a certain day you went!? What was it? Please inform me because I really would like to know!!! . . . and I am being dead serious!

BlogParty Post #3

20151215_195710.jpgHaving Fun so far!? I know I am. Bloggers it is never to late to join this Party. Unless you just want to be called a “party crasher”. . . (that is a knee slapper). . . oh my.

But seriously I hope any and all who read these “BlogParty” posts join in and have some fun!!

Let’s continue on with the fun shall we!

So Amanda,

along with college comes homework and lots of studying. What do you do to treat yourself during your downtime!?

and bloggers feel free to share from same or similar experiences. We have hall been there, I am sure of it!

BlogParty Post #2

20151215_195710.jpgHey again!,

So I need more participants for this BlogParty to be a blast! Remember it is not just your typical blog post, or read for that matter, we are doing this for Amanda so we can celebrate together on her Acceptance!

So with that said, time to move on to party fun!!

Short story time! Tell us of your single most memorable moment of your school days. I know mine!

“From 7th grade into my Freshman year of High school I would fall down the stairs at least once and sometimes twice. My freshman year, I was at fault for my very own googly eyes. Yes my dear friends, lets keep our eyes straight forward when going downstairs!”

There is my moment! What’s yours? Remember it can be funny!, embarrassing, sweet, sad, romantic etc…. make it your own, we want to hear all about it!

BlogParty Post #1

20151215_195710.jpgHey Bloggers,

So I am going to go ahead and start the PARTY!!!!!! Feel free to join in at any time within these BlogParty Postst!!!!

So to start off I would like to Congratulate Amanda on her great achievement on being accepted into Dutchess Community College!!!!!!!!!

Congrats Girl, You will do great and you will go very far in life because you, my friend, are a ROCKSTAR!!

Now to everyone else, including Amanda and myself, lets get this Party started and get on with the fun!

Anyone up for fun?! For those that are here we go!

Okay… I am going to do my best to make this like a game!

(Guess what?) : This game is like guess who. I will give 3 clues and you will attempt to guess what it is I am describing!

Your guesses should be submitted in the comments, and the first person to correctly guess will receive a “You’re right!” reply to their comment and get a shout out on my blog! We can each have a turn, or at least Amanda and Myself! (After my turn, we will proceed the game in the comments below)

Everyone Ready!? Okay here we go!

My clues:

1: I am traditional

2: Share a common ingredient when making cookies (hence you should never eat me raw)

3: You will most likely find me in a cup at a party 😉

Good Luck Guessing?

I’m Having a BlogParty, Wanna Come?

Attention all bloggers,

Will you help me celebrate a friends acceptance into college tonight!? Yes tonight!!!!!!! She is a fellow blogger, Amanda

. . . and I am very excited for her!

You are all invited to this BlogParty! So join on in and have some fun!!!! I would like to get this thing going ASAP! . . . you can invite friends too, the more the merrier!

If you want to join I will be posting more on my blog. So look forward to seeing BlogParty Post #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Just like my BlogParty posts and comment so that I know you are in!!!!! Can not wait to party with you!!!




Adios November, Hello December

Dear Bloggers,

So it has been a short little while since I have posted anything. Everything is A-Okay here on every end and every level of my life currently. So I have worked at Romancing the Stone a.k.a Earthbound Trading Company for a few days now and I am loving it. I have missed it oh so much. This time I can see a few opportunities heading my way to possibly work there and stay as an associate! I would definitely have to put some thought into it, because I still do love Gambinos very much I could not just up and go. Decisions, Decisions. But the opportunity is still a little shady though. so…

On the other hand the weather has been nice. Just rainy which I am totally and absolutely 100% fine with. Snow and ice is a very different story for me. Yes pretty, but no, not so much to drive in.

Oh and Christmas trees. Random spot in the blog to bring up, but yes. I love Christmas trees, and I have not decorated one for about three years now. So I am making it a plan to have one up year round in my future house. (It can be décor for each season) They are just too pretty to put away, and so mesmerizing during the Christmas season!

Anyways, happy holidays to you all and hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe one at that!