Letter to: My Fellow Bloggers

Dear bloggers,

It is pulling at my heart strings to have to say that I am going to be taking a minimal break from blogging. I feel like my mind and my feelings need clear before publishing another post. If you must know why, here lately I am sure you have noticed the main attitude or feelings of my posts. Not my greatest month yet. I know. My life at home has been rough trying to deal with my feelings and overcome the mentality struggle that my brain has been putting me through.

Relationships can be tough, but should not be the toughest thing ever. I love my hubby, I really do. I slipped up last night. Talking about my trust in him. Yes we have had our problems in the past, our trust in each other has been restored 100%. My brain lately started putting forth doubts. I noticed that, and I had tried to overcome it by telling myself everyday this: “Everything is okay Meg, you trust him. Do not let your doubts go to your head. Trust him it is okay to do that.” Well I guess this has affected my attitude the past couple of weeks.

Apparently I have been, (excuse my language), bitchy these last few weeks. But I did not really feel that way until a couple days ago when I was told so. But I also did not start doubting until a couple of days ago, probably about the same time when I was informed of me being well ya know…

So fellow bloggers I need to take a tiny break so that I may come back fresh and with a clear mind. I am sure there will be plenty to talk about with the holidays near! On a good note, everything is going to be okay. Right? I mean it has to be. My hubby and I talked things out last night. This is going to be day one of making things right again. I love him.

With that being said, I hope that each and every one of you have a great day. Also that you all have safe and happy holidays in the time spent with your families or loved ones!





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