Update: Bloggers

Dear fellow bloggers,

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate each and every one of you! You are all having such a huge impact on my life, especially a pic few of you. My new best friend and practically soul-sister Amanda whom I can exchange my words with and trust, and then blogger Joss H. for her friendliness and compassion. Each have amazing blogs as well. Please visit their sites, it will be well worth your time! I promise!

Joss H. – https://moneyfortheaveragegirl.com/

Amanda – https://infinitehipsterblogger.wordpress.com/

On the other hand, things are back on the uphill slope as they were before. Just I think I did not see that or I hit a minor bump in the road. So as they are going uphill I think I am going to take it easy still on the blogging. But I promise I will be back in not time at all!

So I do have a funny story to share with you all. This just happened the other day.

I was just in the store the other day buying food for dinner when I decided to buy myself some undergarments (typical bra and panties). Well I usually try to find a lady checker so that the men are not so embarrassed, or whatever. Well my stuff was on the checkout stand, and their was a lady in front of us. When a man about my age (19, 20’s) and staring at his stuff for a while. Realizing their was now room on the conveyer belt to put his items. Then realizing my lady undergarments. His face went from his (caucasi0n) skin color to beat red in the matter of seconds. I could not help but laugh. No not to myself, out loud. It was the funniest thing ever. Like hello, I am sure you were going to see that at some point in time! He really thought about going to another checkout line. I mean he had his hands on his items ready to go, but he quickly rethought as our line was the shortest in the entire store!!!!! Oh the joys of being a woman!

You all have a wonderful day, and a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends!!!!!




Letter to: My Fellow Bloggers

Dear bloggers,

It is pulling at my heart strings to have to say that I am going to be taking a minimal break from blogging. I feel like my mind and my feelings need clear before publishing another post. If you must know why, here lately I am sure you have noticed the main attitude or feelings of my posts. Not my greatest month yet. I know. My life at home has been rough trying to deal with my feelings and overcome the mentality struggle that my brain has been putting me through.

Relationships can be tough, but should not be the toughest thing ever. I love my hubby, I really do. I slipped up last night. Talking about my trust in him. Yes we have had our problems in the past, our trust in each other has been restored 100%. My brain lately started putting forth doubts. I noticed that, and I had tried to overcome it by telling myself everyday this: “Everything is okay Meg, you trust him. Do not let your doubts go to your head. Trust him it is okay to do that.” Well I guess this has affected my attitude the past couple of weeks.

Apparently I have been, (excuse my language), bitchy these last few weeks. But I did not really feel that way until a couple days ago when I was told so. But I also did not start doubting until a couple of days ago, probably about the same time when I was informed of me being well ya know…

So fellow bloggers I need to take a tiny break so that I may come back fresh and with a clear mind. I am sure there will be plenty to talk about with the holidays near! On a good note, everything is going to be okay. Right? I mean it has to be. My hubby and I talked things out last night. This is going to be day one of making things right again. I love him.

With that being said, I hope that each and every one of you have a great day. Also that you all have safe and happy holidays in the time spent with your families or loved ones!




November Writes: (Letter to Reality)

Dear Reality,

Can I just ask you one thing? Do you always have to be so, upfront. I mean we really can take it down a notch.The skepticism that lingers makes me worry. Worry to the point of comparing present reality to past reality which is never really good. Reality can you just put a blindfold over my eyes and lead me through all the bad, and into a whole lotta good? That would be too easy for life, but reality, I would be okay with that.

I love love. I love loving. I just love everything about love. Okay like the cute fights, the cuddling, togetherness and so on. but not so much the negative things. Like my gut instinct or thoughts floating away in my brain. The reality from the past, or the possibilities in the now. But I still love, love.

On the other hand reality. You have blessed me, and so I thank you! I thank you so much and hope that you bring me more reality. Make me smile, jump with joy, make me scared but safe. Make me wonder, but know. But most of all reality make me okay.



Letter to Random

Dear Mr. Random,

After my day of working a split shift is over, I would like to have been able to go to sleep. Just sleep.

But what fun is that? Mr. Random,

Newest neighbors dogs barked from the A.M to the A.M literally!

Forget about sleep, Mr. Random.

But what is it that I love about you, Mr. Random?

Time, Randomness, and Memories.

Because on this night at approximately 11:45 P.M.

I tell my Mr. Random I am hot, and I cannot sleep.

So what does my Mr. Random ask?

“Wanna go to Sonic?” of course I said yes!

So Mr. Random, that was a memory made.

Then my Mr. Random amped up his game…

“Wanna go to the Tattoo Parlor”…

“of course I said yes!!

My Mr. Random took me to the Tattoo Parlor and guess what?

I now have an appointment for Thursday at 6 p.m!

Thank you Mr. Random for yet another fantastic memory with you!

Thank you Mr. Random for checking tattoo of my bucket list.

Please, my Mr. Random, never stop doing what you do to me!

Surprising me, loving me, being completely crazy with me.

I am in love with you Mr. Random!

Your soon to be Rose tattooed,


November Writes: Letter to You

Dear You,

I hope you are doing well, and that your days are filled with joy and success.

But most of all I hope that they are filled with love.

For I really hope that in your days you spend time think about your goals and dreams everyday.

It is really important that you do, because if you go a day without thinking about your dreams

then I would suppose it was a day spent, not wasted, just spent. Not towards your goals, or dreams.

However it is okay to take a break.

Also You, I hope that in your days you spend time talking with or spending time with the ones you care about most, love, or those who show they are and love for you as well. We all need that, but especially you!

and know that

you are beautiful, smart, and worth everything! This world has lots to offer, be wise in choosing which offer is in your best interest and be witty in knowing who delivers these offers.

With much love. . .

Your friend,


Letter to Friend

Dear friend,

I have not heard from you in a while. But I just wanted to acknowledge that a friend is always there even without communicating for lengths of time just how you have done. Today we talked a bit, caught up. You had your subjects to talk about, while I had mine.

But my dear friend, the funny thing is that you are still like a stranger to me. I don’t know much about you and you do not really know me. Not that it matters though just a though. We should meet.


Your bfs (best friendliest stranger)


When you feel just so so…

When you feel just so so…
Just meh, just eh,
I hope that you know though
That when you feel just so, so…
You can talk to me.

You may not know why though,
Why you feel just so so…
Just meh, just eh,
I hope that you know though,
That when you feel just so so,
And you do not know why…
It is okay, you can still talk to me.

And if you do not want to just talk to me?,
That is okay too,
I am still here for you,
Go talk to him, or go talk to her,
They will listen,
I know they will.
They will listen to you.

And if you do not believe that,
Then try to believe i do.
I believe in you.
I care about you,
I am here for you,
Because I LOVE YOU!

So stranger who feels just so so,
And who may not know why though?
Do not make this your end,
This is not your end!




The Siblinghood of the World Award

Dear readers,

Just saying that my week has been going more than perfect, especially yesterday and today! So yesterday I got a notification saying that I have had my best day for a total number of likes on my posts. Then I received another notification for having a total of 21 followers on my blog! I just have to say I appreciate you all so very much.

Yesterday I also got a job offer for Christmas help for a store which I previously helped last Christmas season. I already had the job, just needed to go through the interview and sign the paper work. So now I will be working 2 jobs temporarily, which comes as a blessing for holiday season! Plus I will be working with a great staff so for that I am glad!

Then today I read a comment from blogger Joss H. and her blog http://moneyfortheaveragegirl.com/ She nominated me for Siblinghood of the World Award! Thank-you so very much Joss H for nominating me. It really truly does mean the world to me!

siblinghood-of-the-world-awardThe Rules:

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link to their blog in your post.

Display the award on your blog

Answer the questions that the blogger who nominated you has provided

Nominate ten other bloggers.

Create ten questions for your nominees, and notify them of their nominations.

Questions for me from Joss H.

Q: “If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?”

A: “If I could go anywhere I would go to Australia or India mostly because they are so diverse, but also because they are colorful in two very distinct and different ways. One (Australia) is known for its’ wildlife! I would love to see their wildlife up-close. India on the other hand is colorful (literally). The clothing and decorations, elephants you can ride that are also decorated and a culture which I am not even remotely connected to. Somehow I feel I could connect very well though with either of these choices.”

Q: “If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: “I would choose smoothies because they come in a variety. They can be colorful, flavorful, and very full of nutrients and all the good stuff. Any day is a good day for a smoothie.”

Q: “What is your favorite book and why?”

A: “The book “Princess” by Jean Sasson is the all time, hands down my favorite book. It was the very first book that has made me feel like I have an obligation to become a teacher and make a difference in society throughout the world, not just for women’s rights specifically, but for education totally. Common sense, self worth and preservation, teaching morals and right from wrong, all of that is so important to me. This is my purpose for being on this earth. I have to do this for myself and others sake. It is my passion. This book has fed the fire, and maybe started another flame deep down into my heart!

Q:”If you were a superhero what would your power be?”

A:”I would want to be able to visit the past so I could meet family like my Grandpa’s or have another conversation with my Uncle Don. Or go fishing again with my neighbor Uncle Marvin. I would want to just visit them. Maybe even stop time?

Q:”You’re in a room that is completely dark, do you open the curtains or the door?

A: I open the curtains because nothing scary can be behind curtains, but a door however… (I am scared of the dark in unfamiliar places)

Q:”What is your favorite way to relax?”

A:”Listening to music and scrolling through Pinterest/Wordpress/Facebook, or taking a nice jog with friends on a nature trail.

Q:”Do you have a lucky charm?”

A:”I do. It is my a ring which I bought myself with money on a gift card given to me by McCune Brooks Regional Hospital for volunteering. It reminds me that hard work pays off, that money does not mean everything, that helping people is important, and that confidence goes a long way. That same ring has been with me through thick and thin. My first job, getting my license, my first and hopefully last true love. I have worn this ring for a total of 5 years now!

Q:”What is your favorite color?”

A:”My favorite color is blue for many reasons. A few of them are, my high school spirit colors were blue and white, it is a great study color, and the sky is usually blue and pretty.

Q:”Do you have a favorite song? What is it?”

A:”Yes. LeAnn Rimes her song “How do I?” because I can remember singing at the babysitters when I was four years old. That song meant a lot to me then for the childhood love that I had, and today that song still means so much to me. And her voice is AMAZING!!!

Q:”What is the cheesiest thing that you like to watch/read?

A:”Cheesy romance movies and cheesy scary movies. Halloween series and movies like “The Notebook”, “Elvis and Annabelle”, “Titanic”, etc…

My 10 Nominees:











My questions for you:

  1. Why did you start a blog?
  2. What is your idea of a perfect way to end a great day?
  3. If you could work anywhere, where would it be and what would you be doing?
  4. You have two tickets to anywhere, where would you go, who would you bring, and why?
  5. Who is your celebrity crush?
  6. Why do you choose to share your writing in a blog, rather than keeping a journal for yourself?
  7. What is your biggest regret?   or   What is your biggest fear?
  8. When you feel happiest you tend to…?
  9. What is you favorite musical instrument?
  10. How many different countries have you been to?

Just Thank You

Dear bloggers,

Tonight I have decided to put my thankfulness into a poem so that tomorrow I can start writing letters to (I have no clue) someone, something, to nothing maybe? But I have a plan and that has to be something right? Well, here is my very thankful poem.

Thinking of Thanks


it is here.

Thanksgiving and holiday cheer.

Thank you’s,

in letters,

and wrapped in bows.

So here are the things I just thought you should know.

I am very Thankful for this day, and for this night.

For my lungs and this air, and the air in my lungs.

For my family by blood, and family by love.

For the family I am working on, and dreaming of.

I am thankful for my few close friends, because I know you will be here

until the end.

Thank you workplace for opportunities and joys,

for teachings of new things, better things, and older ways.

Thank you for the paycheck which puts food on our plates, gas in my car,

and a roof over our head.

November has come in silently, calmly, refreshingly.

Thank you God for such a beautiful scenery. You are the true

Master of arts, what is your secret?

Thank you for my heart which can hold and give much love!

Without my heart I would have no feelings.

Without the love of my life I would not know true love.

Thank you for my first in lots of things

For true loves first kiss, and true loves heartbreak.

The make ups, the breakups, the tears of all sorts.

But most of all the promise that you will be here until the end.

My love thank you for showing me a passion my heart would have otherwise never have known.

Thank you because you made me stronger, I have grown!

For everything else, and in between,

Thank you a million and a half times more plus an extra twenty-three!

Hey guess what?

It is November,

yep once again!

It is that time to be thankful.

and I am thankful for YOU my friend…

Okay bloggers I know that was long, but once my brain starts going it is hard to get it to stop. Hopefully you enjoyed it, and if you read it all the way through, Thank you!

So long bloggers and I hope you all have a wonderful night!!! I will be writing a letter tomorrow. I do not yet know what about. But I will be.

See you later,