Think Positive October: (Day 29 & 30)

Day 30:
So on this day in October I had a very busty one. At work we had a $650 lunch. It was crazy! If you do not know what that means, it means we unexpectedly sold $650 worth of pizza. Mostly on a buffet, and our usual lunch is about $360, and that is all in two hours time. That is right!!! But my hubby and his boss came in to eat lunch. It is kind of funny getting to serve them two! It was nice having them come in actually. Then I went home and realized I had gotten a cold. So I went to my mommas house and got some meds and visited with her, my brother, and his kids. Then came home and took the meds which is the reason why I am playing catch up today on the blog. I fell asleep early last night. Feeling somewhat better today (day 30)! I already took the meds, and slept for an hour after. Positivity for Day 30: (making a surprise visit to your mommas is always a good thing. A mommas love is always the best medicine!)

Day 29:
“So today my fellow readers,
Is the eve of the end of Think Positive October. So I felt fireworks were necessary for numbering this day! The positivity in this day was getting to cuddle with my cat Shadow, then coming home to a hubby who was already off work and excited to see me! Then also having a boss who cares enough about your health to make you laugh all the way through work! Then another positivity thought for the day is getting to end it with cuddling my hubby. We also got another plug for the heater cord today so we have a nice cozy heater in our room which is nice on a 37 degree Fahrenheit day, and an even cooler night!

Oh and I will be bathing tonight just for the fact that I have a cold, so I do intend to stay in there for a very long time while watching Netflix I am sure.

Just curious, what do you do when you have a cold?

Stay warm,



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