Think Positive October: (Day 25)

Good evening,

Today was long, but this post will be short. My day was great overall. Very quiet though. So I must say I love my hubby’s son. He loves me. Last night we were all in bed and he wraps his arm around my neck, cuddling away. Then my hubby was half way laying on me. But I was comfortable for the most part because I was warm. Only parents can realize just how special these moments are. Then just before waking up my hubby’s son says “Meg, I love you. It is okay if you love me back.” Which I always tell him “I love you” because I do. He is my son too. Biology might not say so, and marriage papers may not say so either, however none of those things are what defy a mother. He is my stepson and he was the positivity in my day/ our day.

Then when we sent him back home with his mother he tells me again before he got out of the car, “Bye Megan I love you.” I did not even have to say it first. He did. This was a moment for me. A moment I will always remember and cherish in a very special place in my heart.

I hope that each and every one of you have a very great night with your families, and cherish every little moment!

Yours Truly,



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