Think Positive October: (Day 24)

Dear bloggers,

A much better day today than yesterday. Though I must say family almost always can do the trick! However I am still left with all my worries of yesterday! So I have to try and remember my challenge is of positivity, not venting! So yes I am sorry about yesterdays post, definitely not one of my best works.

Today I got the opportunity to eat a good home cooked breakfast with my brother, his son and daughter, and my parents! Mommas cooking is always the best. I got to visit with them and that was much needed. Then went to work, made the most of it. Then now I am home. Where I always like to be. I will say the sunset was most beautiful. I was lucky enough to steal a few pictures of it. So of course I will share them with you! Although no captured sunset is as captivating as when it is seen by our own two eyes!

wpid-wp-1445744911385.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744892899.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744964084.jpeg

It is so pretty isn’t it. I kid you not it went from a grey sky, to pink, to orange, to bright red! All in the matter of minutes. If I could relive that moment I would, only I would find a spot out in the middle of a field to watch the sunset and really enjoy it that time around!

Hope you all are having a good night!




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