Think Positive October: (Day 22)

Dear readers,

On this beautiful day in October how did I manage to find something positive? Well at work of course! It is almost always the little things that count. Being there for other people, being dependable, or simply being able to solve problems and find answers to simple questions. By simple questions I do me simple. Me a waitress answering a customers question (male) which was this: “ma’am, I have a question. Are these cups take home cups?”. My answer was “yes they are sir, and you may reuse them. I must say I have a few of these at home myself”. Why would something like this be the least bit positive, you may ask? Well I will tell you the backstory from which I “overheard”.

The man who got buffet today had his meal paid for by a coworker. Both men are teachers. The one who had his meal paid for, apparently has a wife at home who is upset with him. I am taking an educated guess when I say this; but for financial reasons because she took the debit card away from him. That is my best guess from experience. Why is it though that a plastic, reusable cup that advertises our newest pizza would be the least bit positive? Well I would like to think because he is going to go home with excitement to his wife about his newest idea about saving money with reusable cups. A cup practically free, he gets to bring home! Well believe it or not people, those little things can make a big difference when it comes to saving money, or being more efficient. Or just the fact of getting to take something back home for your own use!!

Now besides just that customer and that assuming story, I had a great day all in all! No matter how that man felt at the end of his day, hopefully he and his wife can get back on track and hopefully that was a cup full of happiness when he got home! The things we may never know can only end up good things with positive thinking.

Sincerely your very narrative blogger,



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