Think Positive October: (Day 21)

Good Morning bloggers,

So why am I posting so early, you may ask? Well it could be one of two reasons, or three. One because I am watching “The Phantom of the Opera, and that is already a great thing. Two because I do not want to forget, or put it off like I have been lately. Or Three because I realized that there is not a lot to do today, as in upkeep on the house and work. So really all three could be the answer.

My wisdom teeth hurt so bad today, luckily I just have two and they are on the bottom. They hurt to the point I cannot lay down on my side because any pressure on them whatsoever makes me want to pull them out! I cannot drink beverages to hot or cold, and as far as chewing…. forget that! So today if I make any money whatsoever in tips, I will be sending my booty to the store to pick up some soup and lots of it. I cannot necessarily make a dentist appointment right now because I have an appointment coming up on the 9th that I have to go to. Besides that I cannot take off work for two or three days until I can figure out a good window. So unless it progresses to the unbearable, I am just going to suck it up and wait it out.

On the other hand I get to work a split today which I am excited about because I will hopefully be working with the owner. I like him, he is nice and easy to work with. I really wish that I can get the management position! I really, really do. As far as I am concerned, I do not know what to expect! However I am going to continue to think positive, and try my hardest to not be negative if things do not go as planned/ my way. We will just have to see what comes.

Going off another direction, the end of my “Think Positive October” challenge is coming to an end quickly, where just this morning I began to wonder. What am I going to write about? I really enjoyed this challenge and I hope to do another one soon. However I do not know if I want to do one right away. Isn’t it funny when you have a million things to choose from, but can not seem to think of one thing to actually write about. I know I am not ready just yet for a story, and I am not sure if I am in the poem mood. So maybe this is where you come in?

Maybe I need to ask you all for some input. What would you like to read? If it is a story or poem, by all means I will start writing. But I would like some ideas. So in the comments below, just type away and let loose. Those ideas will be much appreciated!

Sincerely your aching blogger,



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