Think Positive October: (Day 17)

Hey there readers,

So today was a fabulous day!! I woke up watched Monsters University, not as good as I thought. But it was a good start to the day. Or should I say waking up next to my hubby after a great night 😉 and watching him sleep was the greatest part of my day? I love him too much, what can I say? Well then I went to work from eleven to one then clocked off at two, but still stayed with my coworker and helped him with orders and customers. Then we visited for a while with another coworker when she came in. Too much laughing going on about random things. I almost did not want to leave. I stayed five hours after my original clock off time! Is it a bad thing when you would rather stay later at work than go home? I have no idea, but getting to visit with my friends is nice sometimes too.

Anyways Fall is my favorite season, especially when it comes to today. The Maple Leaf festival happened in Carthage, MO today. I did not get to make it because I had to work, but the positive thing is I saw plenty of Facebook posts about it, and a ton of my friends went or were in the parade. So it was nice to see a Facebook makeover in my newsfeed for a change! So with that being said…

Now I am at home and we are having BLT’s for lunch today. Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato does not get much tastier than that!!! Anyways I would just like to say that this Positivity challenge has been a success so far and I already can not wait to see what tomorrow will bring! It has truly effected my life for the better. I am happier because I am actually looking for Positivity in each day, therefore I am working better at work, and I am more motivated at home, and home life is on the uphill slope because here I can vent or positively vent.

Stay positive readers, and happy Fall!!!

Yours Truly,



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