Think Positive October: (Day 16)

Dear readers,

Today I have decided to post early because I have so much going on and am unsure of when tonight I will be able to post. So here I am telling you of some positivity found in my day today and it is only twenty-three minutes until noon. Today we plan on going to the pumpkin patch. This will be my first time ever going, and the best part of it is I get to share that moment with my hubby and his son Hayden for the few hours we get him today! There is a mushroom head concert tomorrow night in Joplin. So that means my hubby’s sister will be coming down tonight to stay the night so they all can go and see it. Although I will not be going because I (haha get this) am underage!!!! But that is okay. I have never even heard of that band. So anyways, to leave on the good note.Today we are both off work and I am still sticking to my plans of deep cleaning. Only working at it a little faster for our company this evening, and we even managed to get a few bills paid!!

So that is all for now readers, laundry is singing my name, and time is ticking away! Think Positive Bloggers.




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