Think Positive October: (Day 14 & 15)


Dear readers,

So yesterday, (day 14) was such a great day. The hubby and I both got off work about the same time which means we spent the entire rest of the day together. Family time, even if it means we are at home, is my favorite time. I got to watch movies with my best friend, and soul mate all day. I literally worked and spent time with my hubby! What is the positivity out of this? Spending quality time one on one with the love of my life and enjoying the time we have together!


On this beautiful day in October I feel appreciated. My boss did a really good job at making me feel appreciated. I am one of those workers that does my job, does not let feelings get in the way of my job, and lets my boss vent however much and whenever he wants. Because I feel like it is very important to let those feelings out. Anyways, lets just say he can not wait to get his new job, and I really hope he gets his new job soon. He is a well deserving man and deserves to do something he went to college for. Not  bragging or anything, but my boss tells me that I am the only one who does not start drama and does my job. I hardly ever ask off, and I am always early.

Besides that today I am actually really motivated to clean. I do not know if it is because I am excited to get to watch the very last episode of Army Wives tonight or if it is because I am excited to see the house clean again. (saying this smiling) because I know I have taken quite a break from the house chores lately. Which is okay on occasion. I think I am going to do basic cleaning tonight, and do deep cleaning tomorrow! Looking forward to it actually!!!

I appreciate all of your comments, and time in reading my post!




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