Life Before Love

My fellow bloggers,

I have been a little inspired by Eunice. She is a blogger, and her site is

you should totally check it out because it is awesome!!! Anyways she replied to my comment saying how she hopes her love life gets better, but also that “being single also has its perks!”. Which brought an idea to mind, you know how I met my love, and that we are together and live together and what not. But what about life before love? What was my life like before I met my hubby. So here is where I begin.

Beginning with my freshman year in high school, starts the first year of the fabulous four years straight of being single. You read that right my friends four very fabulous years I was single. cute heart Do I regret not being more open? Not even one bit! I was happy, and could focus on school and spending time with my friends and especially family. Then I also could really focus on volunteering, which was my favorite thing to do at the time. I was very into it, good at it, and appreciated the time spent while I was there. I even earned a scholarship for volunteering, and I got a few of my friends involved in it as well!

One thing I do not regret is going to the dances. Prom, homecoming, and others? That stuff did not matter to me. Spending money on a dress and getting all fancy just to go to a dance where most of the girls would dance slutty or well the more (in style) way of dancing in the 20th century. So what can I say today, yes I might have put more thought into it before making my decision to never attend one of those dances. I might have bought myself a ticket, and a dress, and some makeup to wear for one night. But that is the only thing I would have done differently. I still do not think I would have opened up to anyone (relationship wise) unless it were for one specific person. Whom I did happen to reach out to and see if he were to want to try things again. He was my best friend from childhood. We knew each other since we were 4 years old. We grew up together, and were basically boyfriend girlfriend til the 8th grade. Then I ended it because we were being separated by life.

He was going to be going to a different school. For the eighth grade, and I was going to stay right where I was. Had I known we were going to meet again in high school, I would have waited for him. Then things would be very different today! I must cute heartsay I kept all of my promises as did he. We had always promised each other that we would be there for each other. He would be out on the football field, and I would be cheering for him on the sidelines. I did this through peewee cheerleading and my entire high school career. But our love never got a second chance. Do I regret that, maybe. Do I wish things were different, no. I am happy with everything I have today. What I have become and what I am becoming. The family my hubby and I are working towards, and our life goals.

So yes being single does have its perks. For me it was being patient while learning to open my eyes, listen to my heart, and watch life unfold before my eyes as new doors opened and old ones closed.

But after four years of being single, how could I have known so fast that what I had was true love at first sight? Well just like the old saying goes, “you just know.”. Your heart will know what it wants. For me I think I knew the very second I laid eyes on my hubby that I wanted to share my life with him. It was the sleepless nights because the thoughts of “us” were endless. “Megan Lane” kept running through my mind. I mean does that not just sound perfect? It was the butterflies I would get when he would call. The smile he would bring to my face when we exchanged texts at late night/ early morning hours. The way he made me feel, the way he was everything my parents were against, but somehow brought light to my eyes making me think that there was just something there about him that I did not want to miss out on. I knew I would go through hell and back just to be with him, as I was right, and I did fight everyone I knew other than the distant friends I had. But I knew that I could work things out with them later, as long as it meant I got to have him in the end. Guess who won the battle? We did! And we are loving every minute of it!!!!

So just wait ladies and gents, love will come your way soon hopefully!

sincerely (not cupid),



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