Think Positive October: (Day 13)


Dear Bloggers,

Today was another good day. However for the time being, I have a headache; so therefore, this post will be short and sweet. The positive thing: I got to finally watch the least bit of football today, and by that I mean youth practice. My hubby and I did a friend a favor and took one of their sons to practice, while the other had a game. Besides that I know my medicine is working because I am craving food like no other. Last time I was on this medicine I gained 30 pounds in six months. 130 to 160. I could not see it on me, however the scale and my jeans did. Not cheap shopping for jeans when you have to by new jeans because you go up 3 sizes. Anyways I will be starting to exercise soon I only wish I had someone to workout with. Just to go jogging with me. Motivation is also what I need.

Well that is it for today bloggers.



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