“Living in a Scrapbook”

Living in America today is like living in a scrapbook. I can look back through the years and see where America has been and look to see where we are now. When I look back I can see many different things. Like the Americans who were the only race in America who could receive an education, and the colored working long hard hours for them without pay. The colored were called slaves and were usually tantalized for their wrongdoings. “She aimed to keep me ignorant; and I resolved to know, although knowledge only increased my discontent. My feelings were not the result of any marked cruelty in the treatment I received; they sprung from the consideration of my being a slave and all (pg. 334 Douglass, Frederick).” The reason why Mr. Douglass had been punished was for the fact he had tried, and somewhat succeeded, at receiving an education. Something slaves longed for and wanted to fight for, but were afraid to because they would be beaten or killed. Then as I move forward in the scrapbook I see groups of people realistically dying for freedom because they want it so bad. I see mobs of black protestors listening to their “king.” Though he mmay not be the king of America, he was a leader of African American groups who believed in anti-slavery, equality, rights, and most of all freedom. His name is Martin Luther King Jr. “Then public support is magnetically attracted to the advocates of non-violence, while those who employ violence are literally disarmed by overwhelming sentiment against their stand (pg. 894 Martin Luther King Jr.)” In this line he is saying that so far the blacks are beating Americans in the fight against the idea. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted us to know that at this point they were getting closer to freedom. Moving forward to the time when Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence and created everyone equal I see freedom. On July 4, 1776 Congress passed a document which granted everyone freedom, and made America one nation that everyone would know, love, and want to be a part of. Once this document passed millions fled from other countries to the Golden Gates to gain freedom and a better life. When I look in the scrapbook at today I see that we are living in a country that has been created only by those in history. We were not the ones who created freedom, it was them, but we are the ones who are still living what they created today; for we are the ones that will shape and create the world in which future generations will live in.

[so as a side note from when this essay was written to “now”. All colorful words expressed in this text were written not to cause harm, conflict, or to be offensive. If the word choice offends you, I am truly deeply sorry. I do apologize. However I will say that this was a high school essay back in 2012. I have just chosen to have it “published” in some form. For me, that form is this blog post.]


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