Working For Free – (2012)


My greatest accomplishment was becoming a volunteer during my eighth grade year. A volunteer is someone who puts hard work and effort toward a cause that benefits many people or a community for free. The first reason I became a volunteer was so I could eventually earn a National Junior Honor Society certificate. I began volunteering at McCune Brooks Regional Hospital in Carthage, MO. It did not take long for me to know my way around the place, of course it always helped whenever friends of mine worked with me. If any of us had a question, we knew we could count on one another to get an answer. Volunteering improved my capability of talking to and helping total strangers. My friends know me as one who likes to talk, but in certain situations I can be extremely shy. Although I am older now and I am out of eighth grade, I still choose to volunteer at McCune Brooks. Not only does it make me feel like a better person, but it makes me feel like I belong somewhere other than my own home. Now the second reason I volunteer is the need to get out of the house. When I have nothing to do except sit around the house all day, I really do get irritated by my parents. My mom and dad then start to get irritated with me. nIt gets hard to even talk with my parents without sounding hateful. So the only way to take a break from all of that is to leave and volunteer. Volunteering only seemed to work because of the peace and quiet there. The courtside garden is so beautiful with the many flowers and ducks they have. With the water running through the garden it is like therapy. It takes all of my feelings away and I can just breathe. It is like it is impossible to think because all I can see is beauty. The third reason I work there is because of inspiration. I am always inspired by visitors that come in with a smile for no reason at all. I will never forget the time when this older lady, who needed wheeled up to the cafeteria to get her dinner, told why she was there. Then unexpectedly, she told me thank-you. She said, “Thank-you for smiling to me earlier, it felt much better. I do not like it when somebody feels bad for me, for I would much rather see a warm, comforting smile.” To this day, I smile at anyone who walks into or out of the hospital. Volunteering has made me a more compassionate person and has helped me to earn a certificate. Now my goal, every time I work, is the same as it was two years ago. It is to make any person feel the least bit better when they walk out of the doors of the hospital.


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