Think Positive October – (Day 8)

Day 8

Good afternoon bloggers,

So day eight has arrived and so far all is well. It is 3 o’clock as of now, and I really should be folding laundry. Today I would like to get ahead of myself. Prepare dinner before dinner tonight. Like cook the beef, throw it in the fridge for later use. Then prepare more dinner for tomorrow. Then I would like to just take a moment and say “holy cow, I slept in today”. I woke up at 6:30 this morning. Took my hubby to work, then came home and slept so heavily until 10 o’clock this morning. I had to be at work in an hour. So I had to wake upĀ fast. The positive thing today, learning that my hand-me-down clothes look good. Today the towel guy came in to clean the towels at work and complimented my boots. Just a friendly compliment, before any of you start questioning. He knows about my life at home. Anyways, positive thing. You don’t have to dress expensive to look good. As long as you have a smile on, and dressed to a T, good attitude. You can look like a million bucks!

Compliments can go a long way. That compliment made my day, and you can only imagine how someone else might feel if you return the favor. Give someone a compliment once in a while. Watch those smiles spread!

I guess, do not just “Think Positive”, act positive too.

Signing of Smiling today,



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