Think Positive October – (Day 7)

day7(day 7, google image search)


The positive thing that happened today was getting to watch part of “The Voice”. It is a show I recorded. This particular episode was my favorite. This girl only 16 I believe is from Alabama. Shelby Brown is her name and what an amazing voice she has!!! She sang this song I have never heard before. Very beautifully and I loved everything about her auditions. I hope she makes it!! She is a very gifted young lady and there are definitely a lot of people looking up to her, lots of young girls!!shelby brown

Then I watched Dancing With the Stars, just one performance because it was a post on Facebook. The Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, his daughter did an amazing performance with her partner. It was dedicated to her father. Even if you do not like dancing, reality shows, or just the show in general you should look up the dance because there is an amazing story behind it.


I guess there was a lesson in today, work with what you have got and you will go far. Your tasks you make seem so simple, could really be a true talent in someone else’s eyes.

Stay Positive,



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