Think Positive October: Day 6


My fellow readers,

Guess What? Today has been another great day. Physically, mentally, emotionally. The positive thing about today was that when I recorded myself singing and acting silly, I actually sent it to my hubby via Facebook Messenger. I felt okay with how I looked, sang, and how silly I was acting. To me I was looking at it in a way that if anything ever happened to me and my family would miss me, they could look at that video and remember me in that sense. Make my absence more comfortable. I mean even if I were gone for a couple of hours or something because of work, family, or whatever, at least my family would have that video to fall back on. I do not know. Maybe I might post it on here. But maybe I will not because of professional reasons, more like my own reasons. I am just making excuses now.

Another thing, I was home after my first shift today for a couple of hours, and my hubby came home to literally eat some sandwich meat, then grab some plastic tarp and go  back to work. I do not usually get to see him until he is through with work, so getting those few extra seconds (literally) makes my day. It really means a lot. Just being grateful for all I have today. That is my positive thing. Although I will admit I was complaining earlier about how we have nothing to eat…..(our cabinets are completely full of food). Does anyone ever experience this? I mean seriously!

Thank you again for reading.

Your positive thinker,



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