“That September Day”

“Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day? Teaching a class full of innocent Children, or driving down some cold interstate? Did you just stay home and cling to your family, and thank God you had somebody to love? For faith, hope, and love are the good things he gave us, and the greatest is love.” – Alan Jackson


The first time I realized that something serious had happened, was after my first grade teacher had hung up the phone and walked outside to talk with the other teachers. She looked shocked, and her face was pale. My teacher must have been mortified at what was happening, but we were only in Missouri. The attack, they were in New York City, Pennsylvania, and Washington. It is hard for me to imagine what the teachers could have been thinking when they were near or going through the attacks. However, when a terrorist attacks, anything is possible and nothing is predictable.

On September 11, 2001, terrorist hijacked four planes and attacked the United States. The Twin Towers, two of America’s most famous buildings, were not the only things that fell that day. The planes crashed down killing everyone onboard. Many civilians who were in the Twin Towers lost their lives as the buildings collapsed on top of them. Many people lost their lives due to critical injuries and the inhalation of smoke. Others risked their lives in order to save the lives of others, and on that day some died heroes. It is hard for me to imagine that innocent children lost their parents and were forced to grow up without them in their lives. It is common sense that people stayed home, close to their families. I stay home with my parents specifically on the days of remembering September 11, because of the many possibilities where anything can happen. No one knows when it is going to be too late to say your last good-byes.

So faith is something that I have to believe in. If I have faith then goals that seem impossible suddenly seem realistic, like the construction of the 9/11 memorial. Hope is something that I have to hold on to. If I have hope, then I know that my dreams are still out there, that I have not given up. Love is a gift that I will get and give away, for love is what hold us together. The terrorist attack was wrong and it hurt us; however in a strange way the attack made us stronger and more united. No you can not hold on to everything forever. It serves us as a very realistic reminder of what many people experienced directly, both physically and emotionally on that day.

“Where were you on that September day?”

hqdefault-(This was an essay I wrote in AP Language during my junior year in high school, 2013. Many thanks go to Ms. Mitzi Harris, my teacher, for helping me better myself in writing. For editing my essays, and taking extra time out of your day to help each and every one of your students. From your biggest fan, grateful student, and a very fortunate individual to have you as my AP Lang teacher, Megan McCoy) P.S The book you gave me at the end of the year for earning that scholarship, was one of my favorites so far! Thank You!!


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