Think Positive October: Day 3

day-3 blog

Dear Readers,

Today on my Think Positive post it will be plain and simple, but positive. Today I worked 12 hours straight! Not a problem though because the day was great, I worked with amazing people, and every customer was happy. Today a family which consisted of two parents, a teen and two boys ordered to dine-in today. I give them their food, go back to the kitchen and work. Until I hear, what sounds like several things hitting the floor. So I head to the dining room and see that the two large pizzas they had fallen on the floor scattered everywhere. The kids maybe had a slice or two out of them. I felt bad because it was truly an accident. The kids felt bad because they had wasted their pizza, and the parents seemed embarrassed. So I chose to offer to make them two small versions of what they had ordered for free, because that seemed like the right thing to do. The kids left happy, the parents were too, and I got a four dollar tip just from them. Which I very much appreciated, however it was really unnecessary because I was just doing my job.

When accidents happen it does not mean the situation is unfixable and everyone has to be unhappy. This is a lesson I learned today in an easy way. I was very happy to have served that family today, and I could not be more pleased that they left on a good note.

Positivity has really changed my reflections on my days, day in and day out. As I hope it does the same for you.

–Okay readers so I hope that you all have been enjoying the “Think Positive October” challenge just as much as I have. Do not forget that you are most welcome to join in on the challenge, In fact I encourage you to do so. It is easy!

  1. Think Positive
  2. Share your positive thoughts
  3. Do this every day for the rest of October.

I am really looking forward to reading your posts.

— Also readers, one final thing. If you have previously joined in on the challenge or you when you decide to join, please comment on one of my October Challenge posts so that other readers and myself may go through and read them. I have plenty of time on my hands, and really care about and enjoy reading your blog posts!

Okay my friends that is all for tonight. I really do hope that positivity and all good things are headed your way.

Have a good one,



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