Think Positive October: Day 2


Hello readers,

So today was another great day. We slept in, the weather was nice, but most of all work was great. So the positivity that I have for today is just being grateful to have such a good closing crew at work. It definitely makes the nights easier. Even more so I feel like today all of the customers were happy and in a good mood, which in turn makes us (the workers) happy. So it was a positive day all in all. So again just being happy to work with the guys that I do at night, it seriously makes me happy.

As for you readers I hope that you have decided to join in on the “Think Positive October” challenge. All you need to do is share something positive each day for every day in October. Even in a bad day there is always a little something good. I mean you at least got to wake up, and breathe air into your lungs to experience your terribly awful bad day, right? That can be a little something good. It is never to late to start, and I am always grateful and waiting anxiously by my computer to read your thoughts/stories.

Hope you all have a good night/day.




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