Think Positive October (Day 1)

Do or Dare Readers,

(I may have chuckled a bit, hey it’s October)

I challenge you along with myself to join in and pass it along as well, on the “Think Positive October” challenge.


  1. Think Positive (duh)
  2. Share your positive thoughts (please? pretty please with a cherry on top?)
  3. Do this every day for the rest of October! (I know we can do it!) It will not be so bad.

I was inspired to do a challenge by Joss H. (a wonderful blogger, you should follow her). She is doing a “No Spend October” which is a tough challenge. So I thought I should challenge myself to think more positively seeing how dark my previous blogs seemed to have been lately.

So here’s to day 1:

Positive thought for the day was that it was the first day of October and it felt exactly as it should have. Chilly this morning, then warm with a cool breeze. It was a very beautiful day. A good day to be alive. Could not have asked for more.

So bloggers, care to join me? –



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