“Me Oh My” Has a Reason

So readers,

Today I guess you could say has been a victory. A very happy victory! My last blog was about my hormonal rollercoaster going on throughout that entire day and how I did not know really why I felt the way I did. Other than PMS-ing of coarse, I found the reason this morning.

Lately my partner and I have really been talking about finding a new place to live. We would have to rent a house, since we can not really afford to buy one at the moment. Besides with our ever so changing lives, it would be so much easier to just rent for the time being.

Yes we already live together, but we have outgrown our house. Yes we have always talked about our future together. So why are the emotions so strong? Why is it getting to me? Well I figure, (now this is the reason and you will want to hear this), that it is because we are not just dreaming about our future. But rather that we are really, I mean REALLY beginning to live it. That to me speaks so much about our relationship and life and where we are headed. So much positivity, it is like a breath of fresh air. Much needed.

So now part of my dream is coming true. Building my family. So far a success. Which brings me to the next thing.

At work lately I have been seeing a ton of infants come in with their families to eat pizza. I mean months old. Maybe a year? It just continues to remind me how bad I want kids. To be a mother. That feeling does not go away one bit, and only gets stronger every day. But that is okay because it is another dream for another day! It will all come together smoothly. I just have to be patient.

So ladies and gents this is me, my same hormonal self saying goodnight and sweet dreams. Maybe when I close my eyes tonight my head will show me my happy thoughts; my oh so dreamy dreams.

Sweet Dreams my dear Reader,



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