Halloween Festivities!!

Hey guys,

So for Halloween I am working. However, i would love to know what you all are doing or how you are celebrating it with friends and family! So comment about it and post some pictures! I love seeing costumes and party decorations!

Have fun, stay safe, and Happy Halloween!!!!




Think Positive October: (Day 31)

Dear bloggers,

It is the final day of the Think Positive October Challenge!!!! I am so excited. The positive thing about today is that it is Halloween! Tonight I plan on happily scrolling through Facebook looking at everyone’s posts of their costumes and party’s and kids all dressed up! I really only like this day for it’s creativeness! Can you believe tomorrow is the start of November! And Christmas is less than 8 weeks away? Crazy!!!!

So today I ran out of cold medicine, do not worry I bought more! (chuckling to myself). Tonight after work I plan on seeing a friend and going to McDonald’s for a pumpkin spice latte. Then going home, bathing, and watching t.v or play some games. I have to work tonight and tomorrow night, then I am going to have the day off on Monday! So here is to October 31st. My first Halloween ever of not passing out candy to trick or treaters, working, and getting over a cold!!!!

So I am looking forward to getting off work tonight and relaxing with my hott babe!!!!!

I hope that each and every one of you have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!!!



Think Positive October: (Day 29 & 30)

Day 30:
So on this day in October I had a very busty one. At work we had a $650 lunch. It was crazy! If you do not know what that means, it means we unexpectedly sold $650 worth of pizza. Mostly on a buffet, and our usual lunch is about $360, and that is all in two hours time. That is right!!! But my hubby and his boss came in to eat lunch. It is kind of funny getting to serve them two! It was nice having them come in actually. Then I went home and realized I had gotten a cold. So I went to my mommas house and got some meds and visited with her, my brother, and his kids. Then came home and took the meds which is the reason why I am playing catch up today on the blog. I fell asleep early last night. Feeling somewhat better today (day 30)! I already took the meds, and slept for an hour after. Positivity for Day 30: (making a surprise visit to your mommas is always a good thing. A mommas love is always the best medicine!)

Day 29:
“So today my fellow readers,
Is the eve of the end of Think Positive October. So I felt fireworks were necessary for numbering this day! The positivity in this day was getting to cuddle with my cat Shadow, then coming home to a hubby who was already off work and excited to see me! Then also having a boss who cares enough about your health to make you laugh all the way through work! Then another positivity thought for the day is getting to end it with cuddling my hubby. We also got another plug for the heater cord today so we have a nice cozy heater in our room which is nice on a 37 degree Fahrenheit day, and an even cooler night!

Oh and I will be bathing tonight just for the fact that I have a cold, so I do intend to stay in there for a very long time while watching Netflix I am sure.

Just curious, what do you do when you have a cold?

Stay warm,


Think Positive October: (Day 27)

Hello my friends,

So once again I am here to post a positive thought for the day. Now that I am in the final days of this challenge I can say that today among all others was good because I got to listen to my music and sing just as I have in the past. Especially when I was a little girl. It was a rainy day today and so the weather was cut out for it. Then dinner was great. I know that the positive thought for the day is that is was a “chill” day and that is more than okay with me! Hope you all are having a fair weather day, wherever you may be.



Think Positive October: (Day 26)

Dear readers,

Today made up for the past two by far. How is that possible? Well I got to hang out with my Mom after her mammogram today. We ate lunch at Del Rio, then we went to the mall and looked around, and went to Best Buy to look for Christmas presents for family. So just the fact that we both had the day off and got to hang out really just makes my day!!! So that was my day!!!! I hope all of you have been having a great month, and continue to have better days!

Thinking Positive,


Think Positive October: (Day 25)

Good evening,

Today was long, but this post will be short. My day was great overall. Very quiet though. So I must say I love my hubby’s son. He loves me. Last night we were all in bed and he wraps his arm around my neck, cuddling away. Then my hubby was half way laying on me. But I was comfortable for the most part because I was warm. Only parents can realize just how special these moments are. Then just before waking up my hubby’s son says “Meg, I love you. It is okay if you love me back.” Which I always tell him “I love you” because I do. He is my son too. Biology might not say so, and marriage papers may not say so either, however none of those things are what defy a mother. He is my stepson and he was the positivity in my day/ our day.

Then when we sent him back home with his mother he tells me again before he got out of the car, “Bye Megan I love you.” I did not even have to say it first. He did. This was a moment for me. A moment I will always remember and cherish in a very special place in my heart.

I hope that each and every one of you have a very great night with your families, and cherish every little moment!

Yours Truly,


Think Positive October: (Day 24)

Dear bloggers,

A much better day today than yesterday. Though I must say family almost always can do the trick! However I am still left with all my worries of yesterday! So I have to try and remember my challenge is of positivity, not venting! So yes I am sorry about yesterdays post, definitely not one of my best works.

Today I got the opportunity to eat a good home cooked breakfast with my brother, his son and daughter, and my parents! Mommas cooking is always the best. I got to visit with them and that was much needed. Then went to work, made the most of it. Then now I am home. Where I always like to be. I will say the sunset was most beautiful. I was lucky enough to steal a few pictures of it. So of course I will share them with you! Although no captured sunset is as captivating as when it is seen by our own two eyes!

wpid-wp-1445744911385.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744892899.jpeg wpid-wp-1445744964084.jpeg

It is so pretty isn’t it. I kid you not it went from a grey sky, to pink, to orange, to bright red! All in the matter of minutes. If I could relive that moment I would, only I would find a spot out in the middle of a field to watch the sunset and really enjoy it that time around!

Hope you all are having a good night!



Think Positive October: (Day 23)

Dear Readers,

I am going to be honest, this day was rough. Emotionally and physically. Finding something positive in this day is like trying to scrape burned crumbs off of an iron skillet. That is how bad I was. So I am going to take a second to vent. Pay day today! However all my money is gone due to bills. I am thankful for my job which allows me to pay the bills and have food and other things. But we are just barely making it on a penny. I am sorry, but when I have a plan that I know will work, and things do not go my way. I am going to get emotional about it. Like today my hubby and I both got paid. I planned on paying 3 bills completely leaving just one for the following week. No that did not happen, one got partially paid, another one completely paid and then oh what do you know! Two major bills still to be paid for next week!!! (I am stressed because winter is coming up, which means snow and ice, and holidays). I know that I chose this life, but I feel like I am at my BREAKING point. To where I do not know if this is going to work. Questioning my own happiness, and what I want out of life.

Not to mention I had to be at work at 5, well I did not leave work until 11. When I get home I do not even get a chance to tuck my hubby’s son in, or talk, or even say goodnight. I will be gone early in the morning to see my niece whom I have not seen in two months. So I am excited about that! But I have to be at work at 11 leave probably around 1, or stay. I will not know until I get there. Then I have to work again at 5 and get home around 10 that night. Then I work 5-close the following day. Again I love my job, love the hours I am getting, the paycheck I love, but again I am sacrificing quite a bit and am still stressed out almost daily. Will my present day life work out? I have no Idea and to be honest, that really scares me.

On second thought I really am acknowledging others today, for one my boss did not get the job he applied for. He so deserved to get it. I am very upset that he did not get the job because he needs/wants it more than ever. And right now Mexico and Texas are getting hit with that major Hurricane! I will be thinking of them.

So I am glad that I am able to vent everything on here without doubt, much reason, or judgement. Because on days like these it is much needed. I was on the breaking point of crying in front of my hubby today on two different occasions. I hate crying in front of people, especially him because I like to be strong. I am kind of like most men when it comes to expressing feelings. I usually hide them, and that is not good.

So now for the positive thing about today. I know my boss feels like he can come to me for anything. I have a job, and my bills get paid. I get to see my niece tomorrow. I woke up and got to live another day.

Oh and I am really contemplating my decision about whether or not I want to try and start going to church! I would like to, but if I do I would like to stay committed. And if I did where would I go? Or if I just want to buy a bible, and read it whenever I can at home.

I wish you all a wonderful night and would just like to say thank you very much for reading/commenting/staying in touch with me. I really appreciate it and I hope all the best for you in whatever it is you wish to achieve!

Goodnight my friends.



Think Positive October: (Day 22)

Dear readers,

On this beautiful day in October how did I manage to find something positive? Well at work of course! It is almost always the little things that count. Being there for other people, being dependable, or simply being able to solve problems and find answers to simple questions. By simple questions I do me simple. Me a waitress answering a customers question (male) which was this: “ma’am, I have a question. Are these cups take home cups?”. My answer was “yes they are sir, and you may reuse them. I must say I have a few of these at home myself”. Why would something like this be the least bit positive, you may ask? Well I will tell you the backstory from which I “overheard”.

The man who got buffet today had his meal paid for by a coworker. Both men are teachers. The one who had his meal paid for, apparently has a wife at home who is upset with him. I am taking an educated guess when I say this; but for financial reasons because she took the debit card away from him. That is my best guess from experience. Why is it though that a plastic, reusable cup that advertises our newest pizza would be the least bit positive? Well I would like to think because he is going to go home with excitement to his wife about his newest idea about saving money with reusable cups. A cup practically free, he gets to bring home! Well believe it or not people, those little things can make a big difference when it comes to saving money, or being more efficient. Or just the fact of getting to take something back home for your own use!!

Now besides just that customer and that assuming story, I had a great day all in all! No matter how that man felt at the end of his day, hopefully he and his wife can get back on track and hopefully that was a cup full of happiness when he got home! The things we may never know can only end up good things with positive thinking.

Sincerely your very narrative blogger,


Think Positive October: (Day 21)

Good Morning bloggers,

So why am I posting so early, you may ask? Well it could be one of two reasons, or three. One because I am watching “The Phantom of the Opera, and that is already a great thing. Two because I do not want to forget, or put it off like I have been lately. Or Three because I realized that there is not a lot to do today, as in upkeep on the house and work. So really all three could be the answer.

My wisdom teeth hurt so bad today, luckily I just have two and they are on the bottom. They hurt to the point I cannot lay down on my side because any pressure on them whatsoever makes me want to pull them out! I cannot drink beverages to hot or cold, and as far as chewing…. forget that! So today if I make any money whatsoever in tips, I will be sending my booty to the store to pick up some soup and lots of it. I cannot necessarily make a dentist appointment right now because I have an appointment coming up on the 9th that I have to go to. Besides that I cannot take off work for two or three days until I can figure out a good window. So unless it progresses to the unbearable, I am just going to suck it up and wait it out.

On the other hand I get to work a split today which I am excited about because I will hopefully be working with the owner. I like him, he is nice and easy to work with. I really wish that I can get the management position! I really, really do. As far as I am concerned, I do not know what to expect! However I am going to continue to think positive, and try my hardest to not be negative if things do not go as planned/ my way. We will just have to see what comes.

Going off another direction, the end of my “Think Positive October” challenge is coming to an end quickly, where just this morning I began to wonder. What am I going to write about? I really enjoyed this challenge and I hope to do another one soon. However I do not know if I want to do one right away. Isn’t it funny when you have a million things to choose from, but can not seem to think of one thing to actually write about. I know I am not ready just yet for a story, and I am not sure if I am in the poem mood. So maybe this is where you come in?

Maybe I need to ask you all for some input. What would you like to read? If it is a story or poem, by all means I will start writing. But I would like some ideas. So in the comments below, just type away and let loose. Those ideas will be much appreciated!

Sincerely your aching blogger,