First Love, Last Love (To-Be)

Dear Readers,

In a previous post called “The Puppet and Puppet and Puppeteer”, I mentioned in the description that a portion of it was about my love life. Of course then my love life was a story for another time, and now would be that time. This will be the only post based solely on my relationship in “GREAT” detail. I emphasize this because even then I choose not to share every detail of this relationship. Out of respect, and besides what good would I be doing if I dulled the spark to your imagination?

So here’s how it all began.

The year 2014 was a fantastic year for me. I had earned a scholarship from volunteering for five years at a hospital in my hometown, Carthage, MO. Two friends and I, soon after our last official day of high school, got together and went jogging every day. We would hang out and do fun things, but mostly we would jog. Well then came graduation day!

We of course walked the halls of our school then went straight to the football field for graduation practice. I had the weirdest feeling all day. Like I knew something special was going to happen. Well graduation night happened. I was all dressed up in my white dress, and wedges, cap and gown. I remember that day was windy so all of the girls had to bobby pin the caps to our hair. So therefore, not many of us got to throw our cap unless we unpinned our caps.

After the graduation I remember rushing to say goodbye to some of my friends, the friends that I could anyways. Some have deployed already, and some were already leaving with there parents or taking pictures. But for me saying goodbye to some of them was the hard part. Then I had to rush home and find something to wear for project grad.

That weird feeling that I felt before, went straight to my stomach. I knew for sure that something special was going to happen. Something that I had been hoping for a while. Something that would change my life forever!

“Dress to impress for graduation, dress comfortable for project graduation”. I remember telling myself over and over again that day.

May 20, 2014 was the day I would remember forever.

My friends and I were at project graduation. We chilled in the back. The DJ’s in front of us playing music. And one in particular caught my eye and I caught his. I just kept smiling at him, he fell in love with it right then and there. You better believe it.

I know it was hard for me to at first. But…

I almost didn’t go to project graduation. Meaning i signed the waiver to go the day before i graduated. And he was only there because he was friends with the dj. What are the chances. Fate for sure.

Who would have ever guessed that I would be living with the man I met the day I graduated high school? Sure it surprised me too. We have happily been together for about a 1 year and 4 months!!!

Our relationship like any, a rollercoaster with lows and plenty of highs. It sure is definitely one for the movies. We wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Marriage is on the way hopefully. Maybe after college? A family? Our first home? I am so happy and so excited as we watch our future unfold. Almost 2 years down. Many more to go.

There you have it. My love story unfolded.

Thanks for reading


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