Writers Block is a Working Progress

Dear Readers,

I back! Sorry it has been so long, I guess a total of five days? Well I was working on a post these past five days I promise. However I decided to put an end to it, I was getting nowhere with it. Writers block already? it has not even been two weeks. Well I have to say I still do not know what in this whole entire world I would like to write about. Even still, wondering why am I even typing? Have you gone through this before? I mean am I crazy for writing exactly what is going through my head?

Maybe I think if I type my blog like this an idea will suddenly pop into my head and, boom a wonderful blog post will be published.

Still Waiting…..

Okay lets see, home life. I have not successfully gotten caught up with dishes or vacuuming. My bed gets made towards the end of the day, only to be messed up again. Oh and we are just about out of pet food. Pay day tomorrow, thank goodness!! Bills will be paid, but the dishes? No promises. I am going through this stage. I most this stuff (chores) at work, and no one else helps me with anything at home…… so just sit back and relax and hope it gets done.

Sight to see in kitchen bigger mess, and nothings done. Yet again. So I have to say I worked on that today. I may only be nineteen. But heck, I do more than most nineteen year olds in my country. I am practically a stepmom, I pay bills that are not necessarily in my name, but I feel obligated to pay them. I work, and oh I am not living with my parents. But I am happy for the most part.

My relationship has its times. Like any other. And this time it is going by really……….really……slow! It gets frustrating. I feel like we are hitting rock bottom and there is no way up, because I feel like the only one working at fixing it and that is one thing that is IMPOSSIBLE for one human being to do. Fix a relationship that which is their own. I do not want to go into great detail, out of respect for our relationship. In part to why I started blogging in the first place, to get my mind off things. So I am going to stop the party train there with that one

Hey so I think my writers block passed. Hopefully I can find something to post for tomorrow. And the professional thing? I will work on it. It is my goal. I have enjoyed reading through your blogs. You bloggers are my inspiration to accomplishing a more professional blogging style. So thank-you.

Goodnight bloggers,



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