My hormones, my enemy, and my dermatologist?

I have been battling my hormones seriously for about 4 years now! I have a hormone imbalance and nothing seems to work. I was on birth control for 2 years. The second year my skin decided to gain up on me. Cystic Acne, it sucks! I went to my family physician and they sent me to a dermatologist in Arkansas because they did not know what exactly was on my face.

The doctor in Arkansas gave me a Cortizone shot with steriods in each of my temples. Those were only two areas of face he could take care of because they were on my temple and the cortizone shot would not be cause that area to dip in too much. The cysts went away that same night and have not been back since. (about 3 years now)

They broke out on my face on both sides on my cheeks. No pain, but they got fairly big and they were infected, and gross! Well I went to another dermatologist, closer to home of course since we know now what was on my face. He worked with me great. He was a well respected man. He again put me on birth control, but then he put me on Accutane. A miracle drug, very strong, very effective, however many risks. So every month I had to undergo tests. Pregnancy tests (though I was not sexually active at the time), blood tests (too check liver and sugar status) because yes that is how strong the drug is. It worked for me!!! They were gone within six months. Skin clear, I was me again!

Sadly that dermatologist past away. I miss him, I wish he were here today, now for his family and patients. I could not want him any more now than ever. My cysts came back. They are on my chin. You know? The parenthesis in your face when you smile, they are right there. Did not hurt at first. I went to the same office as before. The doctor that took over for the previous one saw me. 5 visits so far and we are getting no where. Topical medicines, 3 bleach baths a week, scrubbing my face with a Neutrogena brush, and now that it is summer I was told the chlorine would help.

The past three times I visited his office, all he has done was (sorry i know its gross) drain the cyst and tell me to keep doing what I am doing. No progress whatsoever. What’s worse, and the reason why I am writing this on her today, yesterday I visited his office. Yes he drained it. It has been VERY sensitive lately. I can not even sleep on that side of my face. He started draining it and I came off the table three times before he gave me numbing medicine. Four Shots of it in my face!!!! Did I mention he was practically done. Oh and in the end I had to get stitches because when he drained it, my skin opened up a little too much!

So I go back next week to get the stitches out. I do not want any more appointments with this doctor. Yesterday I even asked him about the skin tags on my hands. Told him they had been spreading. He did not even care. He did not look at them, all he said was “you mean warts?”. That is all he did. End of it. I know I am only 19 but I know what I need from a doctor and he just is not giving me what I need.

It is bad enough I have been avoiding mirrors. I wear my hair down and parted to hide it. Though I know it does no good. It is still there, it still shows.

Any suggestions about my skin problem? I already am going to see if I can not get back to the dermatologist in Arkansas. I am tired of fighting my skin. I need help. Tell me all you know, what you have been through. Anything will do.


your blogger – Meg


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