Marian Days!!!

So was a much better day than the previous one! Then again any day would be a good one when you mix best friends and cultures. Today my friend and I drove 30 minutes to meet each other in the middle, my hometown Carthage, MO. We have not seen or heard from each other in so long, there was so much catching up to do! So we met a coffee shop in downtown Carthage, called Mother Road Coffee. We discussed our lives and life plans until we decided it was time to head out and breathe in some culture!

Marian Days is an event that takes place in Carthage, MO where thousands, and by thousands I really mean to say (original population of Carthage, MO: about 14,500 – Vietnamese pilgrimage for Marian days adds to it about 60-80,000!!!) If you do not believe me then look it up. I have heard that we are just about the only city in the nation that hosts an event like this! Definitely makes Carthage, MO more unique!

My favorite part about Marian Days, other than the culture aspect and being singled out among 80,000 other people, is being able to try and learn new things! The food, the drinks, all of it seems foreign to me! Like Vietnamese hamburgers are called “Bon-Baus”. (Not sure if I spelled that right) The drinks are called “Boba’s”. You can order those with or without Tapioca Balls. I have some photos I took throughout my day to share with you, I hope you enjoy them!

My Bestie and I
Strawberry Tea with Jello (tofu)
The “Boba” Menu
Yummy Fruit!
Yucky Fruit! (smells like stinky socks)
4 blocks from where we parked, proudly walked the whole way!
I just had to buy it! Souvenir!

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